Monday, September 21, 2009

To Wow Others with our Christian Faith

To be a born-again Christian is not an easy role to be in. It is not enough for us to just say yes to the Lord and that's it. It never stops there. It is true that one has to spread the news of such reborn and resurrection, and convince others to accept Jesus as their savior and for them to see in us how Jesus has truly changed us.

We cannot debate or argue about the kind of faith that others have, and we cannot be drastic about this to them. However, there is a better way by which we can "wow" them about God's miracle in us.

One is through compassion. How can you win a soul if you don't show compassion and a helping hand to them? When we care for others, then we are already making them feel how much God loves them and how we are being used to bring them to Him.

A Japanese woman during the WWII came to America with no job, money, and shelter to run to. An unfortunate circumstance then has even worsen the scenario-- she got sick and needed to be hospitalized. With a sudden twist of faith, a group of youth working in a Christian church came to see her and extended help, and with that, she was taken cared of and soon, she was healed with her illness. As compassion saved her life, she told this group of youth, "I would like to be like you, guys. I want to join your church."

With that anecdote, we can say that God speaks to others through our actions. If people see how God works in our lives, they will be convinced to seek Him as well. Again, debating against other faith and religion is not the key to win souls, rather, Christians should reflect the Wow Christians to others.

To wow others of Christian, we need to make them see how God direct us to do things and the joy we have because we have Him.