Monday, September 14, 2009

A WOW Day!

Was there a time in your life that you felt like giving up? Or times when you felt tired doing things? Or like you felt like, you have everything on your shoulders and you have no choice but to carry the burden?

Yes, a lot would tell us not to get discouraged and all those cliche' about life. I'm not saying that we should not believe them but sometimes, these usual encouragement seems not to get into you... or it doesn't seem to sink in no matter what you do.

Well, I'm in that verge last week.

Last week was like I was just imagining myself being encouraged with unfavorable circumstances that are happening in my life. It came to a point that I said to myself, "Hey, who am I kidding?"

But yesterday, during the Sunday service at the church where my family attend to, I had an awakening again. Walking with the Lord would sometimes be the harder path, and the one less taken. Then as I followed our pastor to the verses of the Bible set for that day, I prayed to Him and told Him, "I don't want You to be just a figment of my imagination. Let me experience You once again..."

Then, this morning, before I went to school to teach, I found my Bible in my bag. I usually leave it home because it was no use for me during weekdays for work, but I suddenly realize, maybe I should really make time for it. Well, I didn't read it today, but knowing that I was bringing it, I felt really better knowing that I carry the Word.... literally. :D

Before I went to work, I prayed for God to give me patience and temperance to handle my anger and frustrations well. It worked. This day, was truly a WOW for me. I was able to hold my temper, and I was very patient and appreciative of them. When I came home, I was happy with my family, and my kids, though they were really rowdy and wild as they turned the house upside down, I haven't raised my voice at them. Truly patience is not my capability.... It is indeed a gift by the Holy Spirit granted to those who dearly prayed for it.

Super WOW!