Friday, September 25, 2009

Lesson Plan: Ordinal Numbers

Wow.... I had my first evaluation in teaching yesterday. I had a teaching demo on Ordinal Numbers to my Prep class and I want to share it with teachers out there.

Lesson: Introduction to Ordinal Numbers
Level: Preparatory

At the end of a forty-minute lesson, the students are expected to:
· utilize ordinal numbers in sequencing events and objects based on the story
· identify and recognize sequence of ordinal numbers and their equivalent numerals
· explain how the students were listed using ordinal numbers based on stacking game
· tell the use of ordinal numbers in arranging objects

a. Motivation

The students will be presented with flashcards of their names and together they will read them aloud. Then they will be asked to stack up ten blocks as fast as they can and will raise their hands once done. Each student’s name will be listed on the board as soon as they have finished the task. After the activity, the students will be explain and figure out how their names are arranged, thus the concept of the lesson will be introduced.

b. Presentation

· As the students answer the questions posed by the teacher, the terms “first, second, third, etc.” will be elicited. They will be asked to arrange the name cards from first to tenth. · They will also tell the use of these terms. · They will be shown another way to write ordinal numbers: 1st to 10th · A story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” will be read to the class. There will be pictures that will be placed on the board as the story is being read to them. · The students will answer questions based from the story. · The students will engage in a group activity. The students will be divided into two groups and each group will be given charts. Based from the story, Group 1 will arrange in columns the days of the week. Group 2 will arrange pictures of food eaten by the caterpillar in the story. The arrangements will be done according to the correct sequence in the story. · From the charts given, the students will be asked to identify the position of days of the week and the food eaten by the caterpillar in random.

c. Generalization ·

The students will read the set of ordinal numbers in words and will tell when are ordinal numbers are used. · Lesson is concluded.

d. Evaluation · The students will be asked to arrange themselves in lines. Group 1 will be asked to arrange themselves from shortest to tallest, as Group 2 will be from tallest to shortest. · The teacher will pick an ordinal number from a container. The students should shake their hips as
their positions are called.

Here are the materials I've used for the demo:

Although the activities seem to be effective to stimulate learners, just be ready if ever they get excited that you might not be able to gain their attention to think and process what they have learned. I hope this helps. Have fun!