Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Wrath of Ondoy

Perhaps you have heard of the typhoon Ondoy that hit the Philippines last week, September 26, 2009. This has caused a major dagger to many Filipinos residing along the Marikina, Muntinlupa, Rizal, Cainta, and other parts of Luzon. Floods have caused so much lives and many lost their homes. It was truly a sad and a tragedy that made families mourn in grief and less hopeful.

The WOW about it is that after the day of the tragedy, after the rescuing and evacuation, many of the Filipinos have extended much of themselves to help these unfortunate people. Relief was given immediately and more and more have been inspired to how the Filipinos relive the spirit of giving.

The WOWEST of all is that, God, amidst all these, has been faithful to us, and has protected us. His power is truly the most powerful and the most superior of all, and let us be still and know His authority among all things. Yet, this should also be a wake up call to fall down to our knees, pray and realize that Jesus is the only way to salvation.

All of these have been happening, and indeed we can coin it to what we call, a catasthrophe. We need to realize that the Lord is near... He is coming, and we need to be on our toes to spread this Good News that Jesus is our hope and salvation, and accepting Him to be our sole savior and Lord is the key to eternal life with the Father in heaven.