Friday, October 29, 2010

Are You on Guard about your Beliefs?

Hello there! It's been awhile since I had my last post here. I've been very busy with so much. I'm glad that I have found time to post something here at my blog.

Anyway, I would just like to share some of the videos that have been posted on my Facebook news feed related to our spiritual battles against the evil one. A lot of us are still unaware of the way to be saved and of what the TRUTH really is. Sometimes, we thought we know what the truth is, then we find ourselves heading towards misinterpretation.

It is really wise for us Christians to be adept with the Word of God by consistently meditating on it. We must ask inspiration from the Holy Spirit to give us that wisdom unto what God wants us to do and to be. One of the truths that we must be aware of is: Jesus is the Only way to salvation. We are not saved by our acts. We are saved by grace. Only when we accept Jesus as our savior is the way to it. After that, a relationship with Him should be well established to have our hearts be changed for His glory.