Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living the Faith

...."Through You, blind eyes are opened.
Strongholds are broken.
I am living the faith,
Nothing is impossible!"

These are the words from Planetshakers' Nothing is Impossible, a song that was sung by the praise and worship team from Every Nation's worldwide conference last July 23, 2010 at the SMX Convention Center in Manila. This conference was attended by 18,000 delegates across the globe with only one aim---- to worship Lord God Almighty!

Living the Christian Faith is not easy. Growing in this faith entails endurance. And it can't be possible by our own might and power but in Christ alone.

Surrendering one's life to Jesus involves surrendering the entire lifestyle--- your own beliefs, your problems, your comfort, fame, finances----as in all of it. And making Jesus your only reason of doing things. To give glory to Him as He directs your life and putting your complete trust to Him and His wisdom.

As our sinful nature would get in the way of living this way, Jesus remains faithful and if you ask and seek for Him and His kingdom, He will direct your ways and He will really shape you up for His plan. When we become lost and deceived, as we ask for forgiveness and sincerely be faithful to Him, He washes our hearts with His Holy blood to renew us and we get back on track as we continue to fulfill His purpose through us. As Christians, we must live the faith by fixing our eyes on Him and always ask ourselves if the act or decision that we are about to do will glorify Him or not. Listen to Your conscience. It is the Holy Spirit that speaks to you when you are in doubt. :)

Thank You Lord, for your forgiving heart. For your faithfulness. You never left me. And you have revealed your power once again as you help me overcome a sinful nature of mine. You are my shepherd. You have protected me and rebuke the enemy that wants to deceive me. Thank you and I love you so much. In Jesus name, amen.