Friday, April 9, 2010

Wow! Caramoan!

Nature itself is a work of art. That is why when one is given an opportunity to travel, one must seize it!

I just came home from a trip to one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines--- Caramoan Islands in Camarines Sur. It took us like 15 hours to get there. A bus trip, then a van to the port, then a boat ride, then  jeepney, then finally to our hotel. Though patience was tested during the trip, I've realized--- it was really worth the wait!

By the way, this is where Survivor France: Caramoan was shot last year.  This is the picture of the equipment they used for one of their challenges. The natives showed us the cave where they hold their tribal council. But we were not allowed to take pictures of it. :) I've heard that there will be more Survivor editions that will be taking place there in Caramoan, plus some Hollywood movies as well. Wow, huh?

You may also want to view the teaser through this link, however it's in French, and it would take quite long to load, but then, you may want to check it out. :)

Island hopping was one of the wow highlights of the trip. While waiting for the boat to get to each island, can't help but be mesmerized by the view--- rocks, mountains, waters, and the sunset. --- WOW!

Also, the people of Caramoan, they are really simple and kind-hearted. Indeed it was hospitality at its finest. Very Filipino!

There were many times during my four-day stay there in Caramoan that I took time and watch the view, and I am very amazed and have wondered how God figured all these things out, how creative He really is, and how marvelous His works are. It's not just a Wow thing. It's something that left me in awe!

So much for words--- for words are not even enough to describe His Works. So here are some actual shots taken by my friends and colleagues who were with me during the trip. Enjoy and I hope you guys come and visit us in the Philippines soon!

This is us.. :) See you again soon, Caramoan!


Tracy said...

Those are some amazing photos! I hope to make it to southern Asia myself one day.

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thanks, tracy. i'll check your site then.

oh and do make it a point to pay us a visit in the philippines. im very fortunate that our school gives us travel opportunities every end of the school year. :)