Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jesus' Sacrifice- A Wow Gift of God for Mankind

Though the celebration of Holy Week has been in the Filipino traditions since time in memorial, it is only now that I have come to see it in a much deeper perspective... this time with the Holy Spirit as manifested in our church's Seven Last Words session yesterday. I have realized how great His sacrifice is, and how good is heart is to His people. Despite the pain, hurt, ridicule, humiliation, and torture that He received from those who crucified Him, He remained compassionate to them for He still knew what He had to do, what He came here for.

As all have fallen short to His glory, God has given the Lamb to redeem us back to God. Through the Blood of Jesus, we'll be saved. By His grace we are freed from the bounds of religion, sin, and death. The enemy has been vanquished because of  Jesus' resurrection. Halleluiah! Glory to the Lamb!!!!

Here's a video of how great His sacrifice is, and how blessed are those who received Jesus as their savior and chose to follow His commandments and live for His glory forever!

WOWS to You my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!


Gary said...

AMEN! I sang with my choir for the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services this week and the service last night (Good Friday) brought the sacrifice and compassion to the forefront. I wil be happy to celebrate the resurrection tomorrow morning. Glory to God!


now i am seeing how brilliant you really are. :) you sing as well. i admire your heart to serve the Lord with your gifts.

apparently, i am also a part of the music minsitry in the church. :) it is truly an honor to serve the Almighty.

so cheers to the Lord! :D