Saturday, November 14, 2009

Having a Wow Storytelling Experience with your Kids

Storytelling is one of the most well-loved moments in the classroom. If you want your kids to settle down, storytelling is a way to go. This also attract the students to read and love books because the teacher promotes it. Storytelling has been proven to be one of the recommended motivators for any given lesson a teacher wants to conduct in a class, and it serves as a bonding moment for parents and their kids as well.

But storytelling is not confined with telling the story details or reading the story to listeners alone. This activity is rich itself, and teachers and parents should maximize this and make it a teaching moment for the kids to STOP AND THINK.

That's right. Storytelling stimulates thinking. This is by making the kids look at the picture and the title, and asking them what it's going to be about, and make connections with the pictures and with their experiences. As you unfold each page to them, do not fail to ask them questions related to the story, and ask what they think about it, and make them empathize with the characters and the given situations. If you get your children to involve actively in storytelling, then you can be assured of a very enriching and meaningful discussion, thus encouraging children to love books.

So again, STOP AND THINK... What do you think about this? How did it happen? What if you were in that position, what could you have done? These and other questions will definitely engage your kids to a fine quest for adventure in books. Furthermore, it increases their mental activity, and at the same time, entertaining them with the mysteries unraveled only by the pages of the book.

Another nice activity is to engage them with what they call, "A Walk in the Book Park" where you can make a path of storybooks that you have read for the week on the floor in the classroom or at home, then ask the children to have a walk with you. As you pass on to each book, you can ask them to find the book about the topic that you have read to them, to see how well they can remember the stories you have told to them. Or ask them to "go" to what book does a character live.

Have fun storytelling! and let the child's imagination work wonders in them!Make them go WOW as you read to them, and be WOWed by their responses to your thought-provoking questions. Go Wow!


Anonymous said...

"the walk" is nice. i was able to try it to my kids. thanks for the idea, happy blogger!

Vivi`s Corner said...

You know, for me is really interesting to know different tips to motivate students. Thank you for giving me a new one!

Anonymous said...

thanks alot .. i loved your idea


thanks for being so generous to leave positive comments about this entry. :D wishing you lots of WOWS in your life! :D :D :D