Monday, September 7, 2009

Free Preschool for the Masses

One of the subjects that I took up for my graduate studies in De La Salle University was Principles of Teaching. I have learned so much from that subjects, and I have enjoyed most of my time there. This class was handled by Dr. Eric Olivarez, who is also the owner and administrator of Olivarez College in Paranaque.

As a part of our course requirement, we were asked to visit Olivarez College and come up with an extensive ev
aluation of the school, including the curriculum, instruction, and its facilities. It is a big school and its facilities are very impressive and worth emulating.

But here is the WOW part...

Olivarez College actually has an outreach preschool, setup for those families who cannot afford to send their young toddlers to school. This is actually for free! Yup, quality education for free! This project by Dr. Olivarez has been for many years already, and has given more children hope and inspiration to pursue education for their dreams.
Now when I first saw this, I was completely awed by it, and I can't stop sharing this with my co-teachers and friends about it. This is because, the room was nicely done and is equipped with materials needed for the students to use, and the teachers are very dedicated to this project. Inspiring, isn't it?

Dr. Olivarez is a public servant and an advocate of education for all, and so he came up with this idea. With this, he has gained the admiration of many, especially in the city of Paranaque, and mine as well. This is definitely a WOW!!!

Thanks, Sir Eric!